What ESL Camp Entails

esl summer camp

This camp is generally scheduled for the summer months. It is a life skills or life orientation course of events. The esl summer camp is, of course, voluntary, but camp attendees are usually enrolling out of necessity or a sense of duty. This then, is a summer camp like no other. The necessity arises when young adults’ parents need to relocate abroad or are doing so out of grasping new professional opportunities with both hands. The call of duty, given that participation in the camp is still voluntary, arises out of a desire to get to know the people as best as possible. But in doing this, it is mostly to the benefit of the young adults and their parents. They are on foreign soil and can hardly speak a word of the local lingo.

They certainly would not wish to offend anyone. And to ensure that their new life is as seamless as possible, they would want to fit in, not having to be isolated for long periods of time. And it is a responsibility too in the sense that the new arrivals need to be prepared for any kind of emergency, whether their own or that of their neighbors. Being able to speak the local language works in favor of the camp attendee. He or she is never left behind and can always remain at the head of the class as would have been the case back home. And just remember, given the global challenges of college or university enrolment, entry to these learning institutions would not nor ever could be a given.

But going on an ESL summer camp may very well help. It could come with a good reputation and put you in touch with the right academic influencers.